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This Week in the Funny Books: Feb 25, 2009

What up Sports Fans, here I am for another round of the most unread comic reviews on the internet.

As you'll notice, this is a pretty Avengers intensive review session, being that Dark Reign rocks my freakin' socks. And here we go.

New Avengers #50
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Billy Tan, Bryan Hitch, David Aja, Michael Gaydos, David Lopez, Alex Maleev, Steve McNiven, Leinil Yu, Steve Epting, Greg Horn

There's something to be said about a comic that genuinely shocks and excites you.

While this wasn't the brawl that was advertised, important pieces begin to fall into place, revealing to the characters what the reader already knows. And given that the mastermind behind Dark Reign is none other than Norman Osborn, it's about damn time we see the real heroes take a proactive stance rather than standing around, jamming their witty thumbs up their bantering butts (I really do like the banter).

As with other milestone issues as of late, Marvel decided to employ several artists to capture the character that they are most familiar with. Each character gets a dedicated page and I think it works perfectly. I do have one question though. Why does every artist draw Iron Fist with a ridiculously high collar after David Aja masterfully redesigned the costume?

The story was masterfully done. But my only complaint stems from the issue's price tag. Marvel can't possibly believe that a 36-page story, along with a five page preview I didn't ask for is worth the $4.99 price tag. Marvel's stance just seems backwards. "Let's reward our loyal readers by raising the prices of their favorite comics because they'll buy it anyway." I'll concede and face facts. Marvel may not be driving away old readers, but raising the price certainly won't draw in new ones.

Mighty Avengers #22
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Khoi Pham

Even though I'm still not too sure what the hell is going on, I enjoyed this issue a lot more than the last. Everything from the magic stone men to the talking cow to Hank Pym doing everything with science evokes a very Silver Age feel.

Also, this book also features one of the best panels to be taken out of context in recent memory.

Is that the Wasp straddling Jocasta?

Avengers: the Initiative #22
Writer: Christos Gage
Artist: Humberto Ramos

Three things:

1) Damn you, Christos Gage, for killing off yet another Scarlet Spider. I loved those under-utilized bastards.

2) Humberto Ramos, I love your artwork, but it's just too damn busy. Tone it down, son!

3) I need more Shadow Initiative, and I really need more Typhoid Mary. Especially if she's topless.

Thunderbolts #129
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Roberto de la Torre

While not as bombastic as last issue, this was still a very fun read, showing just how cerebral Norman Osborn could be. Although there isn't much I would put past Osborn, it still amazing to see the lengths he will take in order to clear his storied reputation and prove his worth and necessity to the new president (read: Obama). An interesting point is also brought to light. The Thunderbolts are basically the Black-Ops Avengers, doing what the more public "heroes" could never do.

All said and done, this was a great end to an excellent arc. I can't wait to see what happens next, although I'm not too excited about buying into another comic series in order to find out.

Ms. Marvel #36
Writer: Brian Reed
Artist: Patrick Olliffe

This issue was kinda blah, so I'm going to talk about boobs.

I know that Ms. Marvel has always been stacked, but when did she start smuggling basketballs. Seriously, that's a bust of Power Girl-ian proportions.



And with that, I'm done. I did read some non-Marvel books this week. Superman was interesting, and, surprisingly, Green Lantern left me rather unexcited. Strange, I know, but with a series this masterful, Johns is allowed a drop a pass once in a while.

I also picked up a few trades, All-Star Superman vol.2 and Saga of the Swamp Thing Book 1. I suggest you get pick them up cause they're GREAT!

Ta Ta For Now!

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